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PTSD treatment

Treatment for PTSD Phoenix Arizona

Valley Hospital offers a wide range of mental health and chemical dependency services and specialized programs in Phoenix, Arizona. We have specialized programs for women, members of the military, youth programs, and geriatric mental health programs. Our Freedom Care program is designed for members of the military and provides combat stress, family separation, grief and loss, and PTSD treatment, as well as addiction and women’s issues.

Sexual Trauma Treatment Phoenix Arizona

We provide sexual trauma treatment to meet the needs of women and female military members who have experienced sexual trauma. Our Exclusively Women program meets the unique needs of women. Issues such as relationship issues, eating disorders, reproductive problems, postpartum depression, and sexual trauma are addressed in specialized therapy groups and educational groups that are attended only by women.

Teenage Suicide Prevention Program Phoenix AZ

Valley Hospital has youth programs for children and adolescents. We offer a full range of mental health treatment options for kids and teens, including our teen suicide prevention program that is designed for teens in crisis. We provide supervision and stabilize patients in our inpatient facility and offer a comprehensive inpatient program for kids and teens. Our experienced and caring staff provides evaluation and intensive treatment using evidence based programs for inpatient, day hospital and outpatient care.

Whether you are looking for PTSD treatment, sexual trauma treatment, a teen suicide prevention program or treatment for other mental health disorders or chemical dependency, Valley Hospital has a specialized program to meet your needs in Phoenix, Arizona. Read more about our services and specialty programs on our website or call us at 602-957-4000 or 877-600-0150 for a free, confidential evaluation.