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Sleep Disorder Center

Sleep Disorder Clinic Phoenix Arizona

Valley Hospital of Phoenix offers comprehensive treatment for mental health disorders and drug or alcohol dependency. We treat a wide range of mental health disorders, including compulsive disorder treatment, hoarding disorder treatment and other mental illnesses. The psychiatrists and clinical staff of Valley Hospital use evidence based treatment methods that have proven effective with patients and tailor therapeutic treatment to the specific needs of the individual patient.

Hoarding Disorder Treatment Phoenix Arizona

If you are experiencing a sleep disorder, Valley Hospital offers a sleep disorder center to diagnose and treat sleep disorders. Lack of sleep can be caused by, or contribute to, another mental health disorder. In our sleep disorder clinic, we thoroughly evaluate each patient and provide sleep disorder treatment that is appropriate for the individual patient to help them begin to sleep soundly at night.

In some cases, multiple mental illnesses can be present in the same patient. In other cases, the patient may have a mental health disorder and a chemical dependency problem. These are known as co-occurring disorders. At Valley Hospital, we offer treatment for co-occurring disorders to help meet the needs of the patient for compulsive disorder treatment, hoarding disorder treatment, other mental health disorders and chemical dependency problems.

Compulsive Disorder Treatment Phoenix AZ

If you are looking for compulsive disorder treatment, hoarding disorder treatment or a sleep disorder clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, we invite you to learn more about Valley Hospital. You will find a list of the services and specialized programs offered for inpatient treatment in our hospital and outpatient treatment. Please call us today at 602-957-4000 or 877-600-0150 for additional information about any of our programs for children, teens and adults or to request a free, confidential assessment.