For patients in need of intensive, specialized care for serious mental or behavioral issues, inpatient treatment is the best course of action. In residential or inpatient treatment, patients not only get immediate crisis intervention and stabilization, but also the comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessment necessary to create an evidence-based treatment plan tailored to the individual.

Within our Inpatient Treatment program are a variety of levels of care to meet the needs of a wide range of patients.

Residential treatment levels include:

Crisis Stabilization/PICU

With a small doctor-to-patient ratio designed to meet the needs of the seriously mentally ill (SMI) population, this level of care provides stabilization, intensive supervision and ongoing monitoring and management of patients experiencing a serious psychiatric crisis.
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Adult Mental Health

Featuring round-the-clock supervision, this level of inpatient care is essential for people experiencing severe mental illness that impacts their ability to function independently and safely.
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Detox/Chemical Dependency

Valley Hospital’s Detox program cleanses the body of alcohol or drugs while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. After Detox, our Chemical Dependency program provides patients with an evidence-based treatment plan to break the vicious cycle of addiction.
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An extended stay for patients who need ongoing support to maintain sobriety, this program empowers patients to establish healthy behaviors and life goals essential to success on the road to recovery.
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