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A full continuum of care to meet you where you are and help get you where you want to be.

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The Valley Hospital Levels of Care

Your treatment needs are as unique as you are, that’s why we offer a variety of programs available on both an Inpatient and Outpatient basis. Valley Hospital provides a full continuum of care to meet you where you are and help get you where you want to be.


Crisis Stabilization

This level of care provides intensive supervision and support to patients experiencing a serious psychiatric crisis. With a small doctor-to-patient ratio designed to meet the needs of the seriously mentally ill (SMI) population, our primary focus here is to provide rapid stabilization, short-term hospitalization and ongoing monitoring and management of each individual’s psychiatric symptoms.
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Detox/Chemical Dependency

Valley Hospital’s inpatient Detox program allows those struggling with chemical dependency to cleanse the body of alcohol or drugs while managing the symptoms of withdrawal.
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Adult Mental Health

Featuring round-the-clock supervision, this level of inpatient care is essential for people experiencing severe mental illness that impacts their ability to function independently and safely. These illnesses include severe depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, schizophrenia and dual-diagnosis addiction disorders, anxiety, among others.
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Chemical dependency rehabilitation involves an extended stay for patients who need ongoing support to maintain sobriety over time. Led by a compassionate team of behavioral health experts, this level of care features a mix of therapy, education, group work, individual work, meetings, assignments and exercises — collectively empowering patients to establish healthy patterns, skills and life goals to help them navigate the road to recovery.
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Partial Hospitalization

This level of care functions as an alternative to inpatient care, as transitional care following an inpatient stay in lieu of continued hospitalization, as a step-down service or when the severity of symptoms is such that success in a less acute level of care is tenuous.
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Intensive Outpatient

IOP provides intensive individual, family and group therapies, reducing symptoms and preventing functional decline, as well as eliminating the need for more inpatient treatment. A step-down service after hospitalization, partial hospitalization or residential care, this level of care empowers clients to develop dignity, build character and transform dysfunctional behaviors into positive life skills.
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Help is Waiting

The decision to seek treatment can be a difficult one, creating fear and anxiety in loved ones. But we are here to make the process easier. Our Inpatient and Outpatient services offer supportive and compassionate care through specialty programs that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Our team of thoughtful, caring professionals has the knowledge and skill to help patients develop the tools needed to address their disorders and move toward healing.

Featured Outpatient Programs

Outpatient treatment is a less-structured but intensive therapeutic program designed to support recovery in those who do not require full-time hospitalization or residential care. The convenient schedule allows individuals to get treatment without disruption to work or family commitments. Administered by caring health professionals who specialize in a wide range of mental health services, outpatient treatment includes the following levels of care:

Our Location

Valley Hospital is a private psychiatric hospital located in Arizona specializing in mental health and chemical dependency care. We provide a wide range of services and programs, and our evidence-based treatment methods have been proven to have positive outcomes for our patients. Centrally located just five miles from downtown Phoenix, Valley Hospital’s welcoming atmosphere and scenic landscape promote healing. We are the only facility in the state with a dedicated military program and an 18-bed women’s unit, addressing the unique needs of these populations. We also accept a wide range of insurance.

Patient Satisfaction

4.60 / 5
I was treated with dignity and respect
4.63 / 5
I feel better now than when I was admitted
4.60 / 5
Overall I was very satisfied with my treatment

* Data based on patients surveyed between July-December 2023.

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