M.A.R.T (Music, Art, Recreation Therapy)

Valley Hospital’s M.A.R.T. Program encourages healing through creativity, where music, art and recreation therapy come together to empower patients on their mental health journey.

M.A.R.T Therapy Groups

MART therapy groups are an important component of every patient’s wellness and recovery process. MART offers patients a variety of skill based groups that are valued by the treatment team, patients, and reflects the patients individualized treatment plan. Each day patients have the opportunity to participate in a MART Process Group as well as an Open Fitness/Leisure Group. MART programs provide purposeful activities and socialization opportunities suited to a wide array of client interests and abilities. Examples of groups provided include but are not limited to; Stress Management, Self-Esteem/Self-Awareness, Relaxation and Mindfulness, Leisure Education, Anger Management, Fitness, Communication and Social Skills.

Music Therapy

Music therapy uses breathing, rhythm and movement exercises to encourage expression of emotions through activities such as drumming and guided imagery. Singing, playing instruments, song writing and movement expression are vehicles for creative activity and socialization. Benefits include improved communication, self-expression, teamwork, listening skills, self-image, relaxation and centering abilities.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy uses art to encourage positive self-expression for emotional regulation and insight through various mediums both in structured interventions and at their leisure.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy uses leisure and recreation to enhance your quality of life by learning new skills, adapting old skills, and finding enjoyment in new leisure experiences, relaxation and creative expression, to improve emotional and psychosocial well-being and to enhance and maintain physical and cognitive abilities in a safe and therapeutic environment.

Specialized Programs

Along with the above programs, MART proudly provides specialized programs geared towards improving and enhancing quality of life through educational and wellness programs.

Life Skills Programming

This specialized educational 5 day, 15-week program, designed to provide the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit with specific themes used to build healthy social skills, teach necessary life skills for self-care and develop healthy coping strategies to use upon discharge.

Weekly Yoga Instruction – Yoga’s Arc

For many patients dealing with depression, anxiety, or stress, yoga may be a very appealing way to better manage symptoms. The scientific study of yoga demonstrates that mental and physical health are not just closely allied, but are essentially equivalent. The evidence is growing that yoga practice is a relatively low-risk, high-yield approach to improving overall health.

Animal Assisted Therapy – Pet Partners of Arizona

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is an evidenced practice therapeutic technique that utilizes licensed and credentialed therapy animals and handlers (people who manage the animals) to provide goal-directed interventions to individuals of all ages. AAT can be used with the various types of psychological, emotional, developmental, cognitive, motivational or physical impairment.

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