Anxiety Isn’t In Your Head

It’s a fact that most people are not as understanding about mental health issues as they are about other diseases. Anxiety is one of those disorders that often finds sufferers looked down on or misunderstood. Frustrated friends and family wonder why they can’t just “get over it.” Well-meaning loved ones try to reason it away

Stigmatizing Mental Illness

It’s a stigma that is reinforced regularly on TV dramas and on the national news: The mentally ill are dangerous and violent. Where did this idea originate? Those behind mass shootings or other violent crimes may be found to be suffering from some form of mental health disorder, and the ongoing news coverage can leave

Nutrition’s Role In Recovery

We begin learning about good nutrition in school. We use pictures of healthy foods to figure out how to put together balanced meals. Messages from “food is fuel” to “you are what you eat” drove the message home. When addiction is at play, nutrition and health are not a priority. Most people don’t get enough

The Mental Health-Addiction Connection

Mental health issues are more common than many people think. According to Mental Health America, approximately one in five American adults (nearly 44 million people) and 13-20 percent of children living in the United States will experience a diagnosable mental health disorder in a given year. In addition, approximately 10 percent of the American adult